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KDP Publishers Inc. boasts a team of seasoned writers and publishers who have established their industry reputations. Our approach is straightforward, organized, and efficient. With our publishing team’s exceptional skills and knowledge, KDP Publishers Inc. has aided countless aspiring writers globally in realizing their goal of becoming published authors with accolades.

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Our premium book services cover writing, editing, publishing, and marketing strategies designed specifically for your needs.

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We have successfully undertaken numerous projects of diverse sizes and complexity. Our clientele comprises individual specialists, working professionals, and businesses of all sizes. Here are a few examples of books we have drafted and published for our clients:

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Frequently Asked Question

You might want to see if your query is covered in one of our commonly asked questions before reaching out to us.

The printing cost of the book is influenced by several factors, such as;
⦁ The quality of pages,
⦁ Color of the content,
⦁ The total number of pages,
⦁ The type of binding,
⦁ The number of copies requested.

The royalty rate calculation is based on two factors: the book’s price and the selected royalty option. Authors using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) can choose from two royalty options: the 35% or 70% royalty option.

Yes, the author retains 100% of the film rights to their work. However, we kindly request that you inform us of any exciting developments so that we can help spread the word through social media, and we don’t charge any commission for this service.

In all cases, the author will own the copyright.

Once we have the computer-typed manuscript, your written or email approval for print, and verified payment, it typically takes about 25 to 30 days to publish the book. However, some distribution channels may require more time. Nevertheless, we guarantee the book will be available in our store within the given time.